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Dr. Tyler Gaines, D.C

You've Found Your Chiropractor in Castle Rock, Colorado Welcome To Gaining Health Chiropractic!

Gaining Health Chiropractic provides the highest standard of excellence in chiropractic care in Castle Rock.

Dr. Gaines utilizes a gentle, specific adjustment technique that is effective for patients of all ages.

The chiropractic adjustment relieves pressure from the nerves around the spinal cord, allowing these nerves to function properly.

As long as the body’s nervous system is free of pressure and interference, the body can work at its optimal level.

Dr. Gaines has had great results helping people recover from sickness, disease, and disability, and minimize the use of drugs and surgery in their lives. He is the go-to Chiropractor in Castle Rock, CO

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You will have a 1 on 1 visit with the doctor to discuss your health concerns and the reason for your visit.


After your initial health consultation, we’ll perform a complete & comprehensive chiropractic exam.

A series X-rays may be needed to allow us to clearly determine a proper care plan. X-Rays provide us with an objective diagnostic tool that will show us the position of the spinal bones, as well as the quality of the spine and safety of adjusting it. We also use X-rays to determine how long a spinal condition has been developing.

Report of Findings
Your report of findings will be scheduled the day after your Initial Consultation. This will allow for your doctor to study your exam findings, at which point we will share the results that we found with you. You may invite anyone in your family to accompany you, if you choose. Your Report of Findings includes a detailed analysis of what you need in order to solve the problem that brought you into our office and what can be done in order to assure that it won’t happen again. We consider your current lifestyle choices, goals for the future and challenges that are standing in your way. This is why our recommendations are extremely comprehensive and have the chance to be the solution that you have been seeking to find.

Our entire staff strives to keep waiting times to a minimum, so we ask that all patients be prompt for their appointments so we can stay on track. Your adjustments will be given by the doctor, then anything else done during that visit will depend on the doctor’s recommendations. Stretching, exercise instruction, or other advice, may be given as part of the doctor’s plan for you. Questions are not only welcomed, they are encouraged. Knowledge is power.

We consistently update and customize your wellness programs. The foundation for our overall health is based on proper spinal alignment, nutritious foods, regular exercise, high quality supplementation and a variety of stress relief techniques.

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Jennifer C.
Dr Gaines has been great in my treatment after my car is accident. He has been super flexible with my appointments.
Robert C.
My experience with Dr. Tyler Gaines has been excellent.I had inflamation on my spine and Right scapula and I'm not feeling the pain as much anymore. I highly recommend Dr. Gaines for Chiropractor treatments!
Lori B.
Dr. Gaines took great care of me. He is trustworthy and genuinely cares about my well being. I feel better today because of him.
Kelly F.
Dr. Gaines and his staff are professional, personable and answer any questions you may have.Dr. Gaines is thorough with the initial consult. This is the first chiropractor in a long time that took X-rays to determine the health of my spine. He has a gentle approach to manipulating the spine and knee to correct issues. Dr. Gaines has helped me with my knee pain and neck. I would highly recommend Gaining Health Chiropractic!
chiropractor castle rock
Brandi R.​
Dr. Gaines is the only chiropractor I trust. He is thorough, respectful, and is a genuinely nice person. Highly recommended!
chiropractor castle rock
Tara H.
Dr. Gaines is great! If you’re looking for a chiropractor that is knowledgeable and professional, this is the place! I hurt my back and after just 2 visits, I can move again without pain. Definitely would recommend his services.
chiropractor castle rock
Lauren B.
Before checking out Gaining Health I honestly had been skeptical of the benefits of chiropractic services. Not only was Dr. Gaines gentle in his techniques, but he was patient in walking me through his strategies/insurance and payments too. Not to mention he is an expert in his field and strong advocate for total body health/healing! I had injured my shoulder as a teen and always had chronic pain, and within a few sessions my pain had eased, I was no longer tossing and turning all night in my sleep, and I was enjoying the effects of the treatments. I am happy to report we have restored full rotation in that shoulder and would highly recommend him to anyone in the Denver area!
Amber S.
Dr. Gaines is very thorough and caring. I really appreciated that he took the time to x-ray and assess my issues before just blindly adjusting me. He and his staff always go the extra mile to show kindness to the patients. I highly recommend Gaining Health Chiropractic.
Sky R.
Very great experience. I am a regular and i wouldn’t go to anyone else. Dr. Gains is my first chiropractor and I couldn’t be happier that I didn’t have to shop around.
Bryan T.
Dr. Gaines is amazing. I've been to multiple chiropractors. He's the best with manipulations.
Missy M.
I went to Gaining Health with multiple health issues including severe back pain and migraines. Dr Gaines has helped me so much and I rarely have pain or issues and am able to play with my grandkids without pain. He was also able to work with my insurance and made that process easy. And he loves Star Wars as much as I do!
chiropractor castle rock
Gene B.
Dr. Gaines is a true wellness expert. My visits we're as educational as they were therapeutic. There is nothing that replaces expert chiropractic care.
chiropractor castle rock
Sam B.
Tyler is the bomb.com! I was a D1 athlete who was used to getting chiropractic care weekly for years. As soon as I graduated and moved away, I needed to continue my care and start healing for post-competition life. Tyler did a great job putting a plan together and was super easy to schedule with too! He always found a way to work with my crazy schedule and that was truly appreciated! If you are in his area and need chiropractic care, look no further!!
chiropractor castle rock
Saddie U.
I called Dr. Gaines when i was experiencing severe upper back pain that was limiting my movement and interfering with my daily living. He made me feel comfortable during the entire exam, and created a treatment plan that provided relief within only a couple visits! I have continued to visit his office for regular adjustments and have found that I am sleeping more soundly, my headaches have lessened, and I just feel overall physical and mental improvement. Highly recommend his care!
Michael S.
I wasn’t quite sold on Chiropratic care until I met Dr. Gaines. He was very thorough in explaining what he was doing when adjusting me. For work, I was in front of a computer 10 hours a day for 3.5 years. I developed a hump at the base of my neck. It was incredibly painful and the pain spread up my neck and across my shoulders. I have been going for about 2ish months and my hump is pretty much gone!! I have less pain in my neck and almost no pain in my shoulders. I’m so thankful that Dr. Gaines was patient with me and walked me through the process. If it weren’t for him being so personable and knowledgeable, I would have never tried Chiropratic care. Thank you for all you do for my husband and me, we are very grateful!!
Brandon M.
Dr. Tyler was a very honest upright and helpful person I had neck pain and help me out.
chiropractor castle rock
Eugene B.
Dr. Gaines is a true wellness expert. My visits we're as educational as they were therapeutic. There is nothing that replaces expert chiropractic care.
Kyle B.
Tyler (Dr. Gaines) is caring, fast, and efficient! Goes the extra mile with his clients!
chiropractor castle rock
Danielle A.
Dr. Gaines has been an integral part in helping me with my pain management. His adjustments are non-invasive but yet very effective. The initial exam with x-rays was thorough and helped me better understand my back pain. The treatment plan is tailored to my needs and I have noticed a big improvement with mobility, having less pain, and sleeping better at night.
chiropractor castle rock
Devyn K.
I highly recommend anyone interested in chiropractic to go to Gaining Health Chiropractic. Dr. Gaines has helped me with my lower back injury after a snowboarding accident. After a couple of visits, my lower back was feeling amazing again, and I could tell that my treatments were working. Dr. Gaines is always so friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I have a four-year-old boy that is also seeing Dr. Gaines. His business is family-friendly, and I love that all of us can see him. I want to give him ten stars! HIGHLY RECOMMEND Gaining Health Chiropractic. You won't regret it!.
Marie Sherick
Marie Sherick
I cannot say enough about Dr. Gaines. I have been in constant and consistent pain, to the point of having trouble walking and sleeping for over a year now. I made an appointment with Dr. Gaines and he got me in right away. No one is a miracle worker but he might be close. After my first visit I was actually able to sleep through the night for the first time in months. I have not had a headache in over a week and I am able to walk without having to have assistance in getting up. I am not an elderly adult, I am a 41 year old, mom of three young children with a beat up body after very hard pregnancies. I absolutely recommend letting Dr. Gaines help anyone get back to being themselves again.
Jess Krems
Jess Krems
Dr. Gaines does a great job! I appreciate how thorough, yet efficient/ quick & friendly he is. He is also very flexible & accommodating. Highly recommend!!
Gayle Gebing
Gayle Gebing
Dr. Gaines and his staff were amazing. They fit me in right away and got rid of my headaches immediately. I can’t thank them enough for being so helpful. Because of them I was able to enjoy my time in Colorado with my kids and grandkids.
stephen mejia
stephen mejia
I’ve come here 3 time so far and have noticed a huge difference. Went from having excruciating neck and back pain constantly to now being able to work and walk, just get back to life with no pain!
Elaine Moore
Elaine Moore
I am in my 60s and have been to several chiropractors in my life. When I was looking in Castle Rock area, I was so fortunate to find Dr.Gaines. Your chiropractic health determines your future! Dr. Gaines is very thorough and with his many years of study, has an excellent , safe & effective adjustment procedure for every circumstance...5+ stars!!!
Eliza Tanudjaja
Eliza Tanudjaja
Dr. Gaines is very knowledgeable, patience, and really care about his patient. We had a car accident and my dad was in pain (neck, lower back) with just a few adjustments, my dad started feeling better. We only have 2 weeks to get him adjusted and Dr. Gaines is willing to accommodate him with more office hours to make sure he is feeling better!!. Thank you.
Alejandra Bromley
Alejandra Bromley
Dr. Gaines is honestly the best! I went in for a fall and have had back pain from the fall for about a month, within 1 week of seeing Dr. Gaines, my pain has 95% gone away, and my sleep has gotten better! I also had some other conditions that he was able to help with just one visit! I love visiting his office, I always feel so welcomed by the friendly faces, and just overall great service! 100% recommend to anybody and everybody!
Raven Kuhry
Raven Kuhry
I’ve always been very apprehensive about going to the chiropractor but Dr.Gaines eased my worries right away. I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant with my third child and I’ve felt so much better since getting adjusted. He truly is the best, he even came in on his day off when I was having severe pain. There’s no one better than Dr.Gaines!
Murray Johns
Murray Johns
I've never gone to a chiropractor before, but after reinjuring something in my back that left me with incredible lower back pain, I was starting to feel a bit desperate for some relief. Certain movements would create intense pain that immobilized me for several seconds each time it happened. I decided that I would try chiropractic treatment, because I didn't simply want pain killers or muscle relaxants. Dr. Gaines listened carefully and did some gentle initial adjustments and stretches to help ease the pain. He was also respectful of the concerns I had regarding the negative stigma that is often associated with chiropractic care. I returned the next day to see my x-rays and to hear his recommendations. I was honestly amazed that I was already feeling so much better with much less pain. Seven days later, I have very little residual pain, and I have nearly all of my range of comfortable motion restored already! Dr. Gaines has been great about answering my questions (and I always have 1 or 2 new ones with each visit). Thanks to Dr. Gaines and Gaining Health Chiropractic for restoring a significant aspect of my quality of life!
Kristin Harper
Kristin Harper
I came to Dr. Gaines with a bad back injury and could barely walk. He got me in right away, did xrays, and clearly explained the treatment plan. I was out of pain within a few visits and am feeling better and more mobility with each visit. He is knowledgeable, professional, and online appointment scheduling is easy and convenient. I would highly recommend Dr. Gaines to anyone needing chiropractic care.



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