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Sports Chiropractic in Castle Rock, Colorado

We use a variety of techniques to ensure your path to rehabilitation is fast and effective including:

Soft Tissue Mobilization
This hands-on form of physical therapy helps alleviate pain and tension associated with muscle or ligament strains, among other injuries. The goal is to help optimize muscle function and range of motion.

Extremity Adjustments
These target joints and areas outside of the neck and spine and can include knee, shoulder, hip, rib, hand, foot, and many more working to restore balance and function to the affected area.

Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy
This unique therapy uses a pulsed magnetic field in the affected area to charge damaged cells and promote healing from the inside out. The benefits of this therapy are phenomenal and the treatments are fast and effective.

Cold Laser Therapy
This non-invasive treatment uses non-thermal light therapy to induce a change in damaged cells in the affected area of pain or injury, working to reduce swelling and relieving pain. A variety of conditions and injuries can be treated using this therapy.

Kinesio Tape
This therapy helps reduce muscle pain and allows injured muscles to work properly while healing. It helps alleviate pain and discomfort and reduces swelling.

Upon completion of your evaluation, we have all the pieces of information we need to help us carefully select the best treatment option to meet your needs. Sports Chiropractic is an area we are very passionate about and whatever it is that brings you through our doors, we’ll have you up and running at full speed before you know it.

We know sports. We also know that an active lifestyle and participation in sports or athletics brings along with it the possibility of injury. If you have a sports-related injury, you’re in the right place. 

The main goal is to return you to your sport. On the way to targeting the root cause of your injury, our first priority is bringing pain relief. Even after your first treatment, your body will start healing itself from the inside out and you’ll immediately start to feel better. Before we kick off your personal care plan for recovery and rehabilitation, an MRI or X-ray may be necessary for a proper diagnosis. No matter what, you can count on progress. Our certified team is fully prepared to handle any injury or concerns you have – whether a major injury or minor strain, returning you to your peak performance is our goal.


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